Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 9.43.33 PM-I love viral marketing. The new X-Men ad campaign is too cool.

-I’m nowhere near nerd status when it comes to comics, but I did think this was amazing.

-I like Bill Gates, for lots of reasons. Here he is, jumping over a chair. (Little bit o’ language.)

-Wow. This is some deep thinking about juice cleanses. Love this site and its perspectives.

-I normally dislike those “dance cam” videos from sporting events (because they’re fake,) but this one seems legit. This kid…this happy little kid. I wanna’ live my life like this!

10 graphic design terms everyone should know (apparently.) How many did you know already?



Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 7.10.58 PM-Best twitter account ever. We Fought About.

-It’s dumb, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t funny.

Songwriter stories.

-The end of this post is a little campy, but the analysis is interesting: Is Joel Osteen using God’s bandwidth?

-Cut movie watching time with this handy list.

-I knew I probably wouldn’t agree with most of this article, but I was reading with an open mind. Until she says she “almost always” talks about Jesus.

If this is real, JCVD is still one bad dude.

Want to create a weird website name that’s not really a word? There’s a website for that.

The challenges of being a nerd are significant. Especially when people mess with you like this.


Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 4.44.37 PM-I watched the first episode of Arrow (way back when) but need to pick it up again. Hopefully before some of these DC Shows go on-air. (The Gordon script seems remarkably close to the Gotham Central comic book series which is surprisingly amazing.)

-Agree with Kevin Smith on this one: 30-second trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins does a better job of creating pathos than any full-length Batman film to date.

-Spent the last few weeks compiling some of my favorite Christmas albums into a playlist. Had totally forgotten about this one. What a voice.

I dare you to finish Alex Buono’s awesome – but oh so detailed – description of how SNL shot the recent Wes Anderson horror-movie parody. Most amazing thing? They decided to do this on Wednesday night, three days before air.

-My pal, Cory, linked this brief post on missing church.

Pomplamoose is back. IN A BIG BIG WAY. So creative, these two.