ah-social-network-Sure, there’s a funny end to this video. But don’t overlook theĀ awesome song playing in this video.

-SmallĀ quote on relationships with artists. Don’t like the metaphor, but the last line is dead on.

-One more JFK post. Had never heard of this before. In hindsight, it seems really weird they kept performing.

-I enjoyed these way too much.

-Realized lately how few 80’s teen movies I’ve seen. (Not complaining.)

-Oh, hey, look. Somebody actually experienced my worst nightmare and put it on YouTube! (MAJOR LANGUAGE WARNING.)

-What’s scarier? Zombies or people who are obsessed with zombies?

-Was shocked to learn that East Texas is the epicenter of “patent trolling.” One interview referenced cases being filed out of Marshall, Texas. Had no idea about this!



Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 6.34.24 PM-Don’t like football. But loved this.

-I’d like to see how this warms our living room.

-See, I always knew tuba players were demonic beings.

-I give this a . . . thumbs up.

If you didn’t know, those “scare” ads are fake. Brilliant spoof.

My pal Jamie Brown is getting ready to release a new live worship album from his church. If this opening is any indication, this album is going to be AWESOME.


radiation-Since I’ve started vlogging again, been wishing for a Flip video like the old days.

-A guy so average, was was special.

-Seems like when you get a dashboard cam, you’re just asking for trouble, huh?

-Apparently, this is old news but I had never heard about Marie Curie’s radioactive paperwork.

-I’ve always said Lay’s chips are too healthy. Finally, we’re getting somewhere.

Betting my drummer friends have some thoughts on this video.