Tig-Notaro-NYT-300x300-Tig Notaro is a great story teller. But my favorite part has to be where she blanks on national television.

-I’m usually the guy going, “Man, TV is so good these days.” And then I saw this….

-Debating on doing another one-worship-song-a-month thing in 2014. I’ve done a good bit of co-writing the past 2 years, but it may be time to get back into writing solo.

There’s something massive under Seattle.

What makes an atheist love religious music? Interesting post. (Some language.)

-“While, indeed, we attempt to prove our identity by vainly clinging to other people, things, ideas, organizations, etc, we also self-justify through the things that we turn away from.”

“I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.” – Kanye West (June 16, New York Times)




-Amazing video of pianist, Maria Joao Pires realizing she’s shown up to a concert having learned the wrong concerto. has a new quiz – “What kind of Christian are you?” It’s pretty neat. I encourage you take it and comment below with your rating. Apparently, I am a Puritan!

-Have to applaud the genius of the Asics ad, but I wouldn’t get on that treadmill for nothin’. That is one fast dude.

-Found a record from 2008 that caught me by surprise. The Gabe Dixon Band reminds me of Billy Joel in the best ways. I’m not necessarily a Billy Joel fan, but I love the 70’s-era-piano-pop of this record. Gabe Dixon is still making music as a solo artist, but I’m kinda’ stuck on this 2008 release!

The LEGO movie trailer dropped today. It looks great.

-NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY SUGGESTION: Room 237. I’ve never seen “The Shining,” but I did watch this film about the making-of…mainly because I heard the documentary was ridiculous. And it is. But if you’re into conspiracy theories and old movie folklore, this is the film for you. Obviously includes scenes from the movie, so keep that in mind.