lets_go_to_prisonWent on my second prison ministry trip this last weekend. It was exhilarating and exhausting and I came home with some great stories. These aren’t links but maybe they’ll provide a little entertainment for ya!

-As we were shaking hands with the guys coming in to one of the yard shows, an inmate smiled at me and said, “SETH ROGEN!” (Weird. I usually get Liam Neeson or Jason Statham…)

-Prison food isn’t very good.

-Learned about pill call, where inmates are on medication are walked to a medical wing to take their pills. Also noticed that most every inmate used the phrase “locked up” and “caught a case” in place of “serve time” and “committed a crime.”

-Most inmates will be very honest about what they’re in for.

-Almost got to go in a segregated unit, where prisoners are in single cells. As far as prison evangelism goes, this tends to be the toughest spot to share the Gospel.

-Saw a lot of live music performed on this trip. Thinking a little blues-rock combo might be in my future. Think Bill Glass will give me the gig?

-This is not the sort of trip that leaves you with a spiritual high. But it does give you a great exhaustion – knowing that you’ve been obedient and faithful to God’s calling.

-Most inmates have very bad teeth.

-Prisoners are very adept at keeping up with time served, as well as the numerous forms, applications and procedures they need to do to survive (and succeed) while incarcerated.

-One inmate seemed very perplexed we weren’t offering punch and cookies for the events each day. (The unit had over 2000 men.)

-Our unit was a transfer unit, where many of the inmates are close to being released. A lot of them have already planned their first meal on the outside.

-One of my favorite things about this ministry is hearing inmates’ stories, laughing with them, and praying for their needs. It’s amazing. I wish everybody could experience it!