Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 9.43.33 PM-I love viral marketing. The new X-Men ad campaign is too cool.

-I’m nowhere near nerd status when it comes to comics, but I did think this was amazing.

-I like Bill Gates, for lots of reasons. Here he is, jumping over a chair. (Little bit o’ language.)

-Wow. This is some deep thinking about juice cleanses. Love this site and its perspectives.

-I normally dislike those “dance cam” videos from sporting events (because they’re fake,) but this one seems legit. This kid…this happy little kid. I wanna’ live my life like this!

10 graphic design terms everyone should know (apparently.) How many did you know already?



EN_1118_Schieffer_480x360-Dare you to not be fascinated by this butcher chopping up a pig.

-I feel bad about how much I like Gordon Ramsey. Here, he makes scrambled eggs.

-Finished LIMBO on the Xbox two days ago. I slow clapped when it was done. Ending was awesome.

Lil’ creepy.

-Gamers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this video. 2:36 is worth the wait.

-Previously unseen JFK pictures. And this video about a back brace.


-Wow. Christian movies keep getting better.