EN_1118_Schieffer_480x360-Dare you to not be fascinated by this butcher chopping up a pig.

-I feel bad about how much I like Gordon Ramsey. Here, he makes scrambled eggs.

-Finished LIMBO on the Xbox two days ago. I slow clapped when it was done. Ending was awesome.

Lil’ creepy.

-Gamers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this video. 2:36 is worth the wait.

-Previously unseen JFK pictures. And this video about a back brace.


-Wow. Christian movies keep getting better.


radiation-Since I’ve started vlogging again, been wishing for a Flip video like the old days.

-A guy so average, was was special.

-Seems like when you get a dashboard cam, you’re just asking for trouble, huh?

-Apparently, this is old news but I had never heard about Marie Curie’s radioactive paperwork.

-I’ve always said Lay’s chips are too healthy. Finally, we’re getting somewhere.

Betting my drummer friends have some thoughts on this video.