Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 9.43.33 PM-I love viral marketing. The new X-Men ad campaign is too cool.

-I’m nowhere near nerd status when it comes to comics, but I did think this was amazing.

-I like Bill Gates, for lots of reasons. Here he is, jumping over a chair. (Little bit o’ language.)

-Wow. This is some deep thinking about juice cleanses. Love this site and its perspectives.

-I normally dislike those “dance cam” videos from sporting events (because they’re fake,) but this one seems legit. This kid…this happy little kid. I wanna’ live my life like this!

10 graphic design terms everyone should know (apparently.) How many did you know already?



POD_2012_Logo-The new 30 for 30 looks good, y’all.

-This is in now way a “new” thing, but I’m getting fed up with folks who write blogs as responses to specific people. Like this and this. I’m especially frustrated when the blogger is a Christ follower. The Bible seems pretty clear on what to do when there’s an issue you and someone.

-I was saddened to hear that Nerdist host Chris Hardwick lost his dad suddenly this past weekend. His tribute at the end of Talking Dead was honest, brief and sincere. Loved it.

-Over seven years old and this video still makes me laugh.

-Remembered this video by P.O.D. last night and remembered how much I liked it back in the day. But I didn’t remember that there’s a make-out scene in a Christian band’s video. Maybe there was more controversy about it back then, but I don’t remember.

-Wanna read this book.


Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 4.44.37 PM-I watched the first episode of Arrow (way back when) but need to pick it up again. Hopefully before some of these DC Shows go on-air. (The Gordon script seems remarkably close to the Gotham Central comic book series which is surprisingly amazing.)

-Agree with Kevin Smith on this one: 30-second trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins does a better job of creating pathos than any full-length Batman film to date.

-Spent the last few weeks compiling some of my favorite Christmas albums into a playlist. Had totally forgotten about this one. What a voice.

I dare you to finish Alex Buono’s awesome – but oh so detailed – description of how SNL shot the recent Wes Anderson horror-movie parody. Most amazing thing? They decided to do this on Wednesday night, three days before air.

-My pal, Cory, linked this brief post on missing church.

Pomplamoose is back. IN A BIG BIG WAY. So creative, these two.