We’re just a few days from Prepare Him Room at Bethel Bible Church on December 15, so I thought it might be fun to profile some of the musicians that we’ll be featuring at the concert!

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 4.04.14 AMWhen I first decided to do this concert, there was one guy I wanted on board…Tim Gillespie.

I don’t know any musician more passionate about excellence and more devoted to orchestrating musical experiences that move and inspire. From the start, Tim was invested – he volunteered to make all our charts, he gave great notes about what to keep and what to cut and he completely nailed the keyboard and organ parts for this concert.

There’s a lot of keyboard in this thing – big spacey pads, syncopated clavs, chimes and bells, etc. And he’s doing it with just two hands and one keyboard. If you’re at the concert, make sure you spend a little time watching this guy work. He’s one of the main reason why it sounds so sweet.

PREPARE HIM ROOM will be Sunday, December 15 at 6pm at Bethel Bible Church. (17121 Hwy 69 South; Tyler, Texas.) Admission is free.


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