We’re just a few days from Prepare Him Room at Bethel Bible Church on December 15, so I thought it might be fun to profile some of the musicians that we’ll be featuring at the concert!

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 3.20.35 AMIn professional music, there’s a term known as “side-man.” If you’ve been to many concerts, you’ve seen this position. This is the guy who jumps between four or five instruments through the whole show – adding little parts here and there. Heck, it’s more choreography than recital!

The thing about being a side-man, though, is that it’s hard. You’ve got to know a lot of material that you can play at the drop of a hat. Good thing we have Smitty.

You may know him as Dave Smith, but to us, he’s “Smitty,” and on Sunday night, he’ll be our side man. While you may have heard him on mandolin before, you might be surprised with how good he also he is at finger style guitar. The songs Sunday night have a lot of acoustic guitar and Smitty is the perfect guy for it. Lots of parts, played quickly and expertly…that’s what Smitty does best!

PREPARE HIM ROOM will be Sunday, December 15 at 6pm at Bethel Bible Church. (17121 Hwy 69 South; Tyler, Texas.) Admission is free.


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