We’re just a few days from Prepare Him Room at Bethel Bible Church on December 15, so I thought it might be fun to profile some of the musicians that we’ll be featuring at the concert!

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 3.31.02 AMThe songs of Prepare Him Room live in a strange musical setting – primarily, it’s a pop record, but it’s layered with lots of “auxiliary percussion.” Because we didn’t have a lot of room on our stage, I knew we’d need a drummer who could create those parts while still on a traditional drum kit.

I knew that Gabe Balltzglier was the guy for this. Gabe’s been helping us at Bethel off-and-on for the past few months and I knew he would be the perfect drummer for these songs. On Sunday night, you’ll hear Gabe playing very precise parts. Whereas some drum parts are just straight-ahead beats, the songs in this concert are much more complicated. You’ll hear Gabe moving from shakers and percussion equipment to big washy cymbals to driving pop grooves. Drums for this show isn’t easy, but we’re blessed to have one of the best young drummers in Tyler, Texas helping us out. Come see Gabe!

PREPARE HIM ROOM will be Sunday, December 15 at 6pm at Bethel Bible Church. (17121 Hwy 69 South; Tyler, Texas.) Admission is free.


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