We’re just a few days from Prepare Him Room at Bethel Bible Church on December 15, so I thought it might be fun to profile some of the musicians that we’ll be featuring at the concert!

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 3.54.28 AMIs there anything more Christmasy than piano? I mean, you can’t really have something at church without a piano! That’s why I’m glad we’ve got Karen Hudson.

But this isn’t your traditional church piano playing – in the musical Sunday night, the piano is used more like a voice than an instrument. Instead of pounding away or trying to keep the song under control, the piano parts are more like call-and-response: a melody here echoes a particularly plaintive lyric or a trio of notes there accents words like “angels” or “light.”

Karen Hudson is the master of this. She plays piano like a singer – finding those pockets of space where she make the most musical impact. Karen is a smart player because she picks the best moments to play. She’s there to improve and beautify what we’re doing and I think it works big time.

PREPARE HIM ROOM will be Sunday, December 15 at 6pm at Bethel Bible Church. (17121 Hwy 69 South; Tyler, Texas.) Admission is free.


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